Coding Music - 18-09-2016

Reading time ~1 minute

Had a bit of a cyberpunk week this time round listening to Human by Hol Baumann and Release by M|O|O|N practically on repeat, bringing up great memories of playing Deus Ex & Uplink.

Revisted the Prodigy’s “Their Law” singles collection which is 31 tracks of pure big beats goodness; great for cycling to.

Finally, found a new progressive metal band called “Oceans of Slumber” with some enchanting vocals from Cammie Gilbert, especially in their tune Winter.

Albums listened to

Hol Baumann - [ Human ]

Total track plays: 26

The Prodigy - Their Law The Singles 1990 - 2005

Total track plays: 24

Makeup and Vanity Set - Charles Park III

Total track plays: 21

Daft Punk - Discovery

Total track plays: 14

Oceans of Slumber - Winter

Total track plays: 13

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