Coding Music - 25-09-2016

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Dear Hunter, the marvellously orchestral progressive rock group, have released a new album this week. Having been introduced to the Act IV album by an old co-worker I’ve almost obsessively listened to them again and again. For a good starting point this tune is my favourite off the album so far.

In other new releases Deap Vally have launched their second album after a pure hard rock intro in their debut with decent if derivative tunes. This album has a lot more variety and experimentation, good to see!

Revisits this week come in the form of Evanescence - Fallen, Tom Waits - Bone Machine & M83 - Saturdays = Youth. Bit of a varied mix there from the gothic brilliance of Amy Lee, gravelly distincive blues of Tom & the trippy ambience of M83.

Interestingly Amy Lee is releasing her first debut album on September 30th; here’s her first released tune.

Albums listened to

Evanescence - Fallen

Total track plays: 32

The Dear Hunter - Act V: Hymns With the Devil in Confessional

Total track plays: 18

Deap Vally - Femejism

Total track plays: 17

Tom Waits - Bone Machine

Total track plays: 15

The Computers - Love Triangles, Hate Squares

Total track plays: 12

Sevendust - Animosity

Total track plays: 11

M83 - Saturdays = Youth

Total track plays: 11

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