Was introduced to Modern Baseball this week; an American indie group with distinctive vocals and an experimental, sometimes progressive style.

Dear Hunter, the marvellously orchestral progressive rock group, have released a new album this week. Having been introduced to the Act IV album by an old co-worker I’ve almost obsessively listened to them again and again. For a good starting point this tune is my favourite off the album so far.

Had a bit of a cyberpunk week this time round listening to Human by Hol Baumann and Release by M|O|O|N practically on repeat, bringing up great memories of playing Deus Ex & Uplink.

I couldn’t get enough of Animals by The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger this week; it’s another of Spotify’s personalised Discover Weekly playlist entries that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

One hell of a good week for music after the bank holiday. I was introduced to “tUnE-yArDs”, a musical project by Merrill Garbus from New England, hosting some outstanding electronica, folk and afrobeat in an experimental melting pot. Check out the tune Water Fountain for a decent introduction.

One of my core passions is finding new music; to the point that my Last.FM Account has over 53,000 scrobbles recorded since 2010!

I’ve wanted to play with Docker for a while and, with the Docker Toolbox, this is becoming easier over time for Windows based degenerates like me.

A while back I did a lunch & learn on using the Castle Windsor inversion of control library to build a very basic interceptor, demonstrating the basics of AOP in C#.

Workflowy is one of my favourite personal management tools; it’s an outlining tool that allows you to create large hierarchies of bullet points. What differentiates it from, say, doing the same in a Word document is:

Neo4J is a fully featured open source graph database built atop the JVM offering full ACID compliance. What sets it apart is the excellent tooling provided by Neo Technology, including a web UI for visualising queries, great windows support and, perhaps my favourite part, the Cypher query language.