We’ve started exploring different tools at work for dealing with increasing scale; focusing on using existing technology and enterprise integration patterns to build a solid foundation.

I wrote the following article for work after finding a particularly useful function for code review as first talked about in this article.

Recently I’ve focused on utilising the command line more whilst learning how to use Git outside a GUI. Through this I’ve found what can only be described as the ultimate code review command!! along with an approach I like for assessing changes.

In January 2014 we implemented RavenDB as the data store for a new project; for us the goal was to have a system that encrypts at rest whilst providing an easy way to perform full text searching across millions of rows.

We’ve released an article on the open source tools we use in our stack at Careflow Connect. I’m proud to talk through the technology we use to make our platform a success.

What is Vagrant?

Whilst a JSON lad myself; the XML data type is commonly used, especially in applications using .Net and dealing with serialization. Data sets provided in XML can be parsed with relative ease using C#; however in SQL Server it can be tricky especially when you want to work in sets. I’ve seen (and previously written) complex string concatenation, CASE statements & even cursors to modify XML with the end result always being a muddle.

Recently we switched from using the Azure Queues as part of the standard storage account to using Windows Azure Service Bus.