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One of my core passions is finding new music; to the point that my Last.FM Account has over 53,000 scrobbles recorded since 2010!

Luckily the last 3 companies I’ve worked at have all had 1 core trait in common; a community of music-loving developers with an eclectic range of tastes. This is great as I can’t envision a world where I’m not constantly plugged in to Spotify whilst bashing out code.

This weekends project was to harness all that data I’ve been pushing to Last.FM over the years into something a bit more useful.

They provide an easy to use API that allows me to get details on the top tracks, artists and albums I’ve been listening to over the last 7 days; I combined this with a NodeJS module wrapping the calls and built a project that did the following:

  • Retrieve the top listened to albums and tracks for the last 7 days for my user
  • Rendered the output into a markdown string using Mustache templates
  • Add the Jekyll metadata on top (blog title, date, tags etc)
  • Output the file ready to be added to a blog hosted on GitHub Pages

I’m pretty happy with the result; the first generated blog post can be seen here; I’ve edited it with a blurb about some of the albums but apart from that it’s all through the tool.

The GitHub repo is here if you’d like to have a play; it’s setup so anyone can add their own API details in to the config and it’s open source on an MIT license so fork away.

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